I've got a slowly growing number of friends with web pages, so I've come up with this method to showcase them. The frame to the left (which is resizable, allowing you to compress it to view the wider pages beyond) contains little graphic images representing the pages to which I currently have links; the Pooh icon at upper left will always bring you here, while the spinning globe on the top frame will return you to my home page.

The flower will open a page dedicated to my wife, a fantastic girl now doing water research with the University of Illinois. I can't say enough about her here, which is why I've decided to spend a whole page doing it. Click on the flower, okay?

The pentagram appropriately leads to the exotic page of another friend, Mark Bapst. Mark's witty but gruesome choice of subject matter reveals his Industrial-suburban background. He's a great guy, and his page is one of the best of its type. Be warned, though, that certain contents are intense; if you're not scared of America's youth yet, this site will change your mind.

The tin foil hat leads to Dan Abretske, a young kid with a good head on his shoulders. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured out where that head came from, whose it is, or what happened to the one he grew up with.

The green head exposes you to Jaime -- the former head programmer for Netscape, a current club owner, and one of the original 'Net hipsters. He's become a bit of a celebrity, especially since the AOL buyout; they kinda turned him into a media rebel, and the poor boy never recovered. He's also a millionaire.

Since we're name-dropping celebrities, I'm pleased to count Orson Scott Card and Tad Williams -- both of whom are excellent and best-selling authors -- as friends. Their official pages are available at left, for anyone who can't find them on his own.