Ooo! It's GOTHIC!

This would be my Goth page if I weren't too depressed to finish it.

I'm Goth, I'll admit. I like the Cure, love Sisters of Mercy, listen to Bauhaus and whimper into my pillow at five in the morning. I wake up well after sundown, date girls who wear too much eyeliner, and always mutter about inner pain. On the other hand, I'm too darn perky to be truly gothic -- which is why the Goth Code comes in handy. Seriously, check it out.

I'm also aware that a lot of these links have expired. At some point, I'm sure, I'll go through and clean them up, but right now I just don't have the energy. If you've got new addresses for some of these or are aware of any other fairly cool sites I should have on here, please get in touch.

The Dark Side

Gothic Babe of the Week

How To Be Goth In Less Than An Hour

The Gothic Joke Page

The Goth Code

I'll admit, most of the links on here take "gothness" rather tongue-in-cheek; then again, people who take their depression seriously are, in my opinion, only slightly less boring than Republicans. Still, if you're one of those people who wakes up in fishnets around four in the afternoon and can't remember what you did the night before, you really should look at these pages.

Blackbride's Suit of Dreams!

Jessica's Cool Little Egotistical Bitch Page