Sandra's seen a leprechaun,
Eddie touched a troll,
Laurie danced with witches once,
Charlie found some goblins' gold.
Donald heard a mermaid sing,
Susy spied an elf,
But all the magic I have known
I've had to make myself
-- Shel Silverstein

From children's tales to folklore, fairies have captured the hearts of young and old alike. Whether doing deeds of charity, whisking the unawares off to strange lands or playing pranks and performing mischief, the fey are to be found in stories of all kinds, enchanting us into belief.

I know there are many other sites devoted to fairies, and at the risk of being overdone, I, too, will attempt to devote a page to the subject. My main influences have been Brian Froud and Cicely Mary Barker, but I hope to broaden my horizons to bring what information I can to the page.

So, without further adieu, click on the fairies above to enter or continue reading for links to other sites that I like.


Amy Brown

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