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Wedding Album
(May 20th, 2000)

Ireland (Honeymoon)


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The Procession

Throughout the rehersal, Nancy -- an absolutely wonderful pastor, by the way -- had noted (perhaps due to our tendency to tease each other during the practice vows) that we were all obviously fun-loving folk, and gently reminded the group that the procession itself was, after all, supposed to be a reasonably serious-looking event. Naturally, Morrison (our Best Man), as everyone stepped into line (for real, this time), waited until Tom and Nancy were nearly across the bridge to urgently whisper, "Remember, everyone: SOMBER!"

As a result, most of the wedding party was trying to choke down a terminal fit of giggles while they marched, which might explain why so many of them are wearing such interesting expressions.

The Vows

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Both of our mothers read -- Andrea from the Baha'i Writings, and Eileen from "The Prophet" -- and Cathy and Andy (our younger siblings) provided the ceremony music. We'd patched together the vows from a number of different ceremonies, and had been slightly insecure about them until the rehersal; we nearly bawled while looking into each other's eyes, so we figured they were effective enough.

You'll notice that some of the pictures below are much, much brighter than the others. That's because, at the very instant that we exchanged rings, the clouds finally decided to give it a rest and cleared away; a shaft of sunlight literally dropped down from the heavens onto the trellis. It may not have been a sign, but it certainly impressed the crowd (many of whom, no doubt, wondered how we'd arranged that one.) Look us up in fifty years; if we're still married, it worked.